Krista HewsonCareer tests indicated that Krista would excel in the arts, the medical field and psychology.  Never one to be “boxed in”, Krista sought a career that would incorporate all three and found it in the field of music therapy.  Krista attained her Bachelor of Music Therapy degree from the Open University of British Columbia and Accreditation from the Canadian Association of Music Therapy. In addition to her formal education in the areas of communication, psychology, human development, and music therapy techniques, Krista has continued her learning in sign language, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and various methods and techniques from other disciplines such as the Greenspan Method and Applied Behavioral Analysis . She has been in private practice since 2002 specializing in the areas of communication, social skills, behavior modification, motor skills, and cognitive skills of children aged 2.5 to 6 and has extensive experience working on therapy teams consisting of Speech-Language Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Teachers, Assistants, and Parents.

Krista is a vocalist and guitarist, but her greatest passion remains with the piano.  She has been composing various genres of music for over twenty years and loves creating new and exciting songs for each of her clients.  Also an artist, Krista creates and illustrates children’s books for individual clients to create more venues from which to learn skills.    Some of greatest moments Krista has had in her career thus far have been watching a mom cry when she heard her son say “bye bye” for the first time, seeing the elation on a young boy’s face when he mastered jumping with two feet and the connection she has experienced with each and every client through music with a moment of eye contact, a shared laugh, an imitation, a pause, or a breath.